Change Netflix language settings step by step

In addition to setting a nice avatar or changing the design of your subtitles, there are many more options to adjust your account settings to fit your personal preferences. For example, you can easily change your language settings. In this article, we explain how you do this step by step and what advantages it has to adjust your language setting from Dutch to English, for example.

Change Netflix language settings step by step

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How can you change the language settings of your Netflix account?

  1. Go to the Netflix website. Log into your account.
  2. Go to your account at the top right. Here, you click on Account on the menu below the icon.
  3. Click Language. You can find this below the heading My Profile.
  4. Select your preferred language. Confirm your choice by clicking Save.

Your new language setting has now been implemented for the user profile with which you have adjusted it.

Why would you want to adjust your language settings?

Research by Streamwijzer has shown that a part of the Netflix subscribers have access to a smaller range of titles. This depends on the language settings of the user’s profile. The difference is especially prevalent for series. In the Netherlands, more than 6% of the series in the Netflix library is currently not available for viewers with Dutch language settings compared to viewers with English language settings.

Can the language settings differ per user profile within an account?

You can have different language settings per user profile within your account. Would you like to keep your account in your native language but still have access to extra movies and series? Create a new profile, call it “English”, and view all additional titles that are directly available directly via this profile!